Training Options

We can deliver training in a number of ways:

  • Open Enrollment classes are instructor-led classes at our site, with employees of other companies (generally best when you only have a few students for a particular class or date
  • Dedicated classes at our site or yours (with just your employees, and where course content can be customized to best fit your needs)  — Click HERE to request a quote
  • Self-paced training, in which an instructor works with multiple students, but one at a time.  This method offers great schedule flexibility and can be the best option for beginners (more individualized attention) or for more advanced learners (skip the concepts they already know and move at their own pace)
  • Online training is recommended only for disciplined students, with higher skill levels.  This learning method offers maximum schedule flexibility and can be more cost-effective as well


Please click here for our current pricing and discount options.

Alliance Career Training gives you the flexibility to pay in the way that best meets your needs and your company’s payment policies.  You can get a substantial discount by purchasing discounted training vouchers.

To learn about the many advantages of using training vouchers, please click here.

If you already have training vouchers and have questions about how to use them to enroll your students, please click here for more information.

Click to order training vouchers.

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