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  • Who We Serve

    ACTS is proud to serve the agriculture industry, hospitality industry, healthcare providers, educational institutions, governmental organizations, and students around the country. Click the collage above to learn more.

  • Excel Training

    Interested in refreshing and improving your skills in Microsoft Office Excel? We offer in-depth, hands-on training taught by our most experienced and dedicated instructors. Learn more by clicking here.

  • 9 Amazing Business Benefits of Having Advanced Excel Skills

    Do you want to use Excel for more than its spreadsheet features? Having advanced Excel skills gives you a significant cut in costs and time. Click here to view the list of benefits of having advanced Excel skills.

  • Sexual Harassment Training

    Have you completed your state-required sexual harassment training yet this year? If not, we offer this type of training through our local practicing attorney. Read up on the current law and see our upcoming classes.

  • Business Skills

    As important as it is to have a solid background and training in the specific skills required for your position, it is even more important to have outstanding “soft” skills to find success in today’s business environment.

  • Technical Skills

    Improve your technical skills by taking some of our technical skills courses like CompTIA A+ and improve your “soft” skills in order to find success in today’s business environment.

  • Classroom Rentals

    Are you looking to execute an effective training session or required testing in a topnotch facility? We have multiple classrooms for rent that can be used for training, state testing, exam preparations, business meeting, and more.

  • News + Updates

    Never miss a minute of the action when checking out our news and updates page. Read more about our the success of our students, upcoming classes and events, and more.

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