Discount Training Voucher System

Alliance Training Vouchers

Thank you for choosing Alliance Career Training as your training solution provider! This document explains the process for purchasing and using  Alliance Training Discount Training vouchers.

At Alliance, we offer discount training vouchers to any companies who would like to take multiple classes with us. Purchasing vouchers help you save money, save time, and makes for an easy process when taking our classes. Not to mention that our vouchers DO NOT expire, and can be used for any class, at any time.

And for a limited time, you can save more when you buy more class vouchers: 

Continue reading to learn more about getting discounted classes with our ACTS voucher system.

Ordering/Reordering Training Vouchers

If interested in purchasing vouchers, please call 831- 755-8200 or email Alex@alliancetrains.com to order vouchers.  You will usually receive them within four or five business days. Voucher prices drop as quantities increase, so it’s often more economical to purchase more than you think you need.  Our training vouchers never expire.

When you only have a few remaining training vouchers, please contact us if you would like to order more, or you can order online by clicking here. Ordering ahead allows time to process and distribute your new vouchers to you, so your students’ training schedules are not affected. For your convenience, you now have the option of ordering online–just click here and choose the number of vouchers you’d like to purchase.

Using Training Vouchers

Give the student the class voucher(s), marked with the student’s name, class name, and class date. The student must bring the voucher to the class.  If the student does not bring the voucher, we will still allow them into the class if they sign a form promising to send in the voucher. If we don’t receive the voucher within 5 days after the class, our Accounting Department will bill for the class. Please help us avoid this extra work.

Number of Vouchers Required 

One training voucher is required for each day of Microsoft Office applications training. We accept training vouchers for business skills, graphics/web design, and other classes, though some classes are more than one voucher. Your account executive will confirm with you the number of vouchers needed for your training, or you can look it up here.

Class Schedule 

Each month, we will send our updated class schedule to you via email. Many customers forward the monthly email to employees or to managers. Others print the schedule and display it in a common area, refer to it in company communications, or create a link on their intranet website. You can also find the schedule yourself anytime at our website.   If you aren’t quite ready to purchase vouchers but still would like to receive our monthly schedule, please click on this link to be added to our schedule list.

If you have any questions we’ve overlooked, please contact us by phone or email.  Thank you so much for your business, and we look forward to training your employees!

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