Take Career Training Classes Online with ACTS

Take Career Training Classes Online

COVID-19 has put a strain on the economy and made for one of the most competitive job markets in history. Millions of people are fighting for their jobs, or have lost their jobs and are seeking employment. 

In this market, you need every edge you can to make your resume stand out from the rest.

ACTS is adapting to these trying times by putting the needs of our students first. Our team is pleased to announce that we are now offering a full schedule of live-streamed virtual classes

take career training classes online, Take Career Training Classes Online with ACTS

Our virtual classes (“VC”) give students the ability to take online career skills training classes remotely in our new and totally immersive online learning format. 

What Makes Our Virtual Classes Different from Other Online Career Training Classes?

COVID-19 has completely changed the world we live in. 

It has forced businesses, entire industries, schools, and educational facilities around the country to fully adopt working from home and online learning as the new standard. 

take career training classes online, Take Career Training Classes Online with ACTS

The problem with most online learning formats is that the majority of classes are pre-recorded lectures and training videos. 

At ACTS, we wanted to flip that idea on its head by offering a fully-immersive online career training experience

Here’s what makes our virtual classes better and different… 

Enjoy a Live Virtual Classroom Experience

100% of our Virtual Classes are taught live over Zoom. All of our virtual classes are taught in-person, and live-streamed from our career training facility in Salinas, CA. 

Virtual career training gives you the ability to take our classes remotely from the comfort of your own home, from a remote workspace or office, or in person with our instructors in Salinas.

take career training classes online, Take Career Training Classes Online with ACTS

Have a question or comment? We can help! 

No need to wait until after the lecture to email instructors a question.

Our live classrooms are fully equipped with surround sound and ambient microphones, throughout the room. This way, virtual students can interact with their instructor AND their classmates, in real-time.

Online Career Training Classes with State of the Art Technology

Our virtual learning environment is state-of-the-art. Our instructor team uses the best technology to teach our online career training classes, including: 

take career training classes online, Take Career Training Classes Online with ACTS
  • 4K Cameras: Watch your lectures in the highest-definition and visual clarity on your laptop or desktop. 
  • Follow your Instructor: Our 4k cameras are motion-sensing. Follow your instructor from their computer right to their whiteboard, without missing a beat. 
  • Crystal Clear Sound: Our instructors wear high-quality lavalier microphones, so all of our virtual students have crisp, clear audio on their earbuds, headphones, or built-in speakers. 
  • Giving Virtual Students a Voice: No more live chatting your questions or waiting to email them later. Our classrooms are wired with surround sound so our virtual students can ask questions live, anytime they need to during their class. 

Ready to get yourself, your company, or your organization started with our virtual career training classes? 

Take a look at our schedule to see a full list of our new In-Person and Virtual Classes.

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