Post Event Survey Form

1. The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject. *

2. The instructor was prepared and organized for the class. *

3. Participants were provided with the opportunity to ask questions. *

4. The instructor was responsive to participants’ needs and questions. *

5. The instructor's energy and enthusiasm kept the participants actively engaged. *

6. The instructor provided real-world experience and examples. *

7. The scope of the material was appropriate to my needs. *

8. I learned new knowledge/skills from this training. *

9. I will be able to apply the knowledge/skills learned in this class to my job. *

10. The software and hardware was set up and functioning properly. *

11. I was satisfied with the service I received from the Alliance receptionist. *

12. This training was a worthwhile investment in my career development. *

13. I am satisfied with the service from my Account Executive/Training Consultant. *

14. Everything considered, I was satisfied with this class. *

15. Is this your first time at Alliance?


16. Are you interested in taking the next level of this course (if available)?


Please check here if you'll answer a few questions and/or give us a statement for a Student Testimonial. (We only use first names and the first letter of students' last names.)


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