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Student Success

Become inspired by our students by reading and listening to their stories on our Student Success page. Read about their challenges and obstacles and how being a student at ACTS has created positive change in their lives.

Featured Class During the Month of July

Sexual Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying – July 15, 2019

Have you and your team completed the required sexual harassment training yet this year? If not, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about this training course and how you can complete your required training with us by clicking here.

*Please note that all business with five or more employees in the state of California must complete this training by the end of 2019.

SAVE THE DATE – Celebrate Five Years With Us

Thursday, October 3, 2019 | 5-7 PM

What’s better than free food and wine, a chance to win prizes, a special ribbon cutting, and more? Honestly, not much.

Celebrate with us as we marvel at our growth over the past five years and our plans to help even more people in our community going forward.

Learn what we do, and our mission and goals in making a difference in our communities. Network with employment agencies, community dignitaries, and former and current students. Oh, and eat yummy fried artichokes and tacos, and drink delicious wine.

Register and save the date today by clicking here!

Ask The Experts Program with Your Host, Edward King

Indulge yourself in all of the various segments from our “Ask The Experts” program, featured on PowerTalk Radio 1460 AM & 101.1 FM every Tuesday morning (airing five times a day from 8:25 AM – 4:25 PM), Saturday mornings at 10 AM and afternoons at 1:30 PM.

On Saturday afternoons, tune into the “Business Cents Radio” segment, where CEO and Host Edward King provides business advice, shares personal experiences and thoughts, analyzes various situations, and more to business owners and managers who are currently owning their own business or would someday aspire to. 

Listen to some recording from the Ask The Experts Programs:

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