Greenfield, California

Greenfield, California

training in Castroville, Greenfield, California
Greenfield, CA

Greenfield is a city in Monterey County that is located in the Salinas Valley. This city was the fastest growing in the county during the 2000s. Greenfield is the most well-known public event is the annual Harvest Festival.

Because of its location near California’s Central Coast, the area is filled with rich soul and desirable climate, which is ideal for many agricultural and wine companies. In addition, the town has seen a massive influx of immigrant from the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Proud To Be Serving Greenfield

We at ACTS are proud to be working and helping those in the city of Greenfield. We’ve had the opportunity of offering our training services to various companies throughout the city. This includes the Greenfield Police Department, Wente Brothers Vineyards, Help United, Loudpack Farms, and many more.

We hope to strengthen our relationship and continue lending a helping hand with business and individuals in the city of Greenfield. We believe improving skills is vital to not just the workplace, but for an individual’s education and self-confidence as well.

Service That We Offer in Greenfield

Some training classes that we provide to those in the city of Greenfield include:

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