Excelling in Your Career: 9 Top Careers That Require Microsoft Excel Skills

microsoft excel skills, Excelling in Your Career: 9 Top Careers That Require Microsoft Excel Skills
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Excelling in Your Career: 9 Top Careers That Require Microsoft Excel Skills

It’s time for you to look for a new job. When you’re filling out your resume don’t forget to add that you have Microsoft Excel Skills. 

Recent studies have shown: 

  • 82% of jobs require Excel skills and/or experience with productivity software. 
  • On average, certified Excel skills can increase your earning potential. by 12%.
  • Excel skills open the door to more jobs and careers, especially for individuals that don’t have a college degree. 

Excel is a versatile program that is widely used in many career fields. If you don’t have Microsoft Excel skills, no sweat!

You can get some experience quickly by enrolling in one of our Excel training classes. It will be worth it for the number of new jobs you’ll be able to apply to.

Not so sure if you want to pay money for Excel classes quite yet? You may change your mind when you see this list of careers that require it.

1. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are required to do different tasks such as make spreadsheets, schedule appointments, organize different documents, put in vacation time in for employees, and more. 

Each and every one of these duties will require you to need to have a basic knowledge of Excel. You’ll have to know enough to pass a test at the very least. Many employers will make you do one after you submit your application. 

2. Accountants 

You’ll be hardpressed to become an accountant without at least a bachelor’s degree. On top of having a degree, you’ll also need to have some experience with Excel. 

You’ll have to keep up with a ton of different financial statements as well as submit tax returns, be in charge of income statements, and cash flows. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of numbers that you’ve got to juggle. It can be a bit much if you don’t use an Excel document to keep things organized. 

Besides helping you organize numbers you can also use the formula function to do all your math right there in the spreadsheet. It’s more than a little bit convenient. 

3. Retail Manager 

Even a job that most people would deem simple like a retail manager uses Excel. You’ve got to be able to keep up with staff information such as pay, vacation days, and sick days. 

You can use it to type in the salaries of each of your staff members and calculate the average. Even scheduling your employees and keeping up with when they clock in and clock out is done via Excel. 

On top of keeping tabs on your staff, you’ll have to use Excel to stay up to date with sales records and monitor your inventory. 

4. Cost Estimator 

As a cost estimator, you’ll be working with contractors and project managers. You’ll sit down with them and talk to them about the money, time, and labor needed to finish each of their projects. 

You’ll be using Excel to calculate all of these estimates and show it to them. You can even use Excel to keep track of past projects so you can use data from those to avoid past mistakes.

To perform this job you’ll need both a bachelor’s degree and some amount of construction experience. 

5. Financial Analyst 

When you see the word analyst you can bet that you’ll be doing a lot of studying. Excel spreadsheets will help you keep up with the latest investments and business trends.

You’ll look over these trends on a daily basis so you can write up reports and help businesses make all their important financial decisions. You will need a bachelor’s degree as well as experience with Excel. In some cases, you may need to go a step further and get your masters. 

Not sure if taking an Excel class is right for your career field? Take a look at our blog on 9 Amazing Business Benefits of Having Advanced Excel Skills.

6. Project Manager 

Project managers do work with cost estimators but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to keep up with spreadsheets of their own. You’ll need them to help you with the day to day operations, organize your vendors, manage all financial information, and write out reports. 

You may need different tools for projects that are a little more intricate but Excel will do for the basics. 

7. Business Analyst

As a business analyst, you’ll be in charge of keeping tabs on a large amount of company data. The slightest hiccup can mean big trouble for a business. 

That’s where Excel comes in. You can hold all your data in one place and keep it organized. This way you can easily flip through the data, study it, and use it without losing anything. 

If you need help getting more comfortable with data analysis, take a look at our class for Data Analysis and Visualization with Excel.

8. Data Journalist 

Data journalists want all of their resources to be credible. If not then their stories may suffer. 

You’ll have data thrown at you on a daily basis. It can be hard to keep up with if you don’t have some type of software. Instead of going out and buying expensive tools, most data journalists turn to Excel.

If you plug your data into Excel you’ll be able to keep it organized and study it when need be. 

9. Information Clerk 

Information clerks as the name suggests, provide customers with information regarding a business or product. They also collect a variety of data and make reports based on it. 

You can usually get this job with a high school degree and experience in Excel. Your employer may also require you to have an associate’s degree and have done coursework. 

Your Microsoft Excel Skills Will Pay Off in the Job Field 

Have you thought of getting a bit of training in Microsoft Excel? Considering all the jobs that you can get from adding Excel to your resume, it can be worth it.

So gather your Microsoft Excel skills and apply to one of these amazing careers. Your next job is calling. 

Are you interested in going through Excel classes? Contact us to find out more about our programs, or look at our calendar of online and in-person Excel classes.

At Alliance Career Training Solutions, we offer a variety of Excel skills classes, including:

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