Visio Professional – Level 1

Learning Method: Instructor-led Classroom Learning Duration: 0.5 day

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In this course, students learn fundamental Visio skills including manipulating shapes, creating basic diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, and floor plans.

Who Should Attend:

The Visio Professional: Level 1 course was designed for the student who has little or no experience using Visio Professional, and who needs to learn the basic skills that are necessary in order to begin to use this program effectively.

At Course Completion:

Identify the various types of drawings you can create using Visio and navigate in a Visio document. Drag shapes from Visio stencils and resize, rotate, align, and transform them. Increase your productivity with smart features, such as numbering shapes automatically, duplicating shapes quickly, and grouping and aligning. Create a flowchart or a cross-functional flowchart. Create an organization chart manually or generate one from a text file. Create an office floor plan to scale.

Prerequisite(s) or equivalent knowledge: Students should be familiar with personal computers and the Windows operating system.

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: An Overview of Visio

  • Visio Documents
  • Elements of the Visio Window
  • Visio Navigation

Lesson 2: Basic Skills: Creating a Directional Map

  • Using Stencils
  • Saving Files
  • Manipulating Shapes
  • Adding Text
  • Stacking Order

Lesson 3: Basic Diagram Skills

  • Enhancing Productivity
  • Managing Shapes
  • Applying Styles

Lesson 4: Flowcharts

  • Connecting Shapes
  • Page Styles
  • Cross-functional Flowcharts

Lesson 5: Organization Charts

  • Creating an Organization Chart
  • Organization Chart Data Wizard

Lesson 6: Floor Plan

  • Creating an Office Layout
  • Drawing Scale
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