Security+ Certification Program

General Course Description

This course is designed to prepare students for CompTIA’s Security+ Exam SY0-401.  The CompTIA Security+ training deals with computer security topics such as cryptography and access control, as well as business-related topics like disaster recovery and risk management.  After Security+, students may want to consider the much higher level CISSP certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).


Students should have a general working knowledge of personal computers, some network experience, and have taken the following courses or have equivalent experience:  A+ Certification, and Network+ Certification.

Acquired Skills

Students will learn the following skills:  Foundations of security, basic security procedures, desktop security, administering Windows securely, recognizing security threats and attacks, secure Internet access, working on the Internet,   knowing online payment systems, and incident response.


CompTIA Security+ is one of the options for IAT Level II certifications required by the U.S. Department of Defense, Homeland Security,  and for military personnel or military contractors engaged in information assurance activities  (Directive 8570 ).


Job Titles

Security Consultant, Security Specialist, Security Administrator, Network Administrator, Security Systems Analyst, Security Engineer

Course Information


    Course                                    Exams

CompTIA Security+                    SY0-401

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