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Student Success 

Become inspired by our students by reading and listening to their stories on our Student Success page. You won’t want to miss reading and learning about our students and the challenges they’ve overcome to make positive life changes. 

Ask The Experts Program with Host Edward King

Indulge yourself in all of the various segments from our “Ask The Experts” program, featured on PowerTalk Radio 1460 AM & 101.1 FM every Tuesday morning (airing five times a day from 8:25 AM – 4:25 PM), Saturday mornings at 10 AM and afternoons at 1:30 PM.

On Saturday afternoons, tune into the “Business Cents Radio” segment, where CEO and Host Edward King provides business advice, shares personal experiences and thoughts, analyzes various situations, and more to business owners and managers who are currently owning their own business or would someday aspire to. 

Listen to some of the recordings from the Ask The Experts program: 

Tuesday Show | “Believing in Your Team”
Saturday AM Show | “Things You Should Never Say to Your Employees” 
Saturday PM Show | Business Cents Radio | “What to Do and What Not to Do Regarding Your Company’s Finances”

Interested in hearing more? Listen to more recordings on our Ask the Experts page.

Stay tuned for for all full episodes of Business Cents Radio and more. 


Interested in learning short cuts and easier ways to navigate through software programs (like Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, etc.), grammar tips, business writing how to’s, and more? Check out our #TipTuesday videos that can help save you time and energy! All of our #TipTuesday videos can be found on our YouTube page.

Click here to see them all, in addition to our other awesome videos.

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