Our IT students learn hands-on, with real-world experience as part of their training.

Technical Training                   

Whether you’re looking to gain the job skills needed for work or your objective is to pass a certification exam, Alliance can help. Contact us to learn how we can help you reach your goals with CompTIA, Microsoft and others.


Alliance Combines Multiple Learning Methods for More Effective Results

Alliance brings immediate value to your organization through our more holistic approach. It’s more than just "taking a class" - it’s a complete method of training, reinforcing, supporting and validating learning through flexible delivery options. We also provide access to our technical reference library, along with hands-on labs, and practice exams using state-of-the-art equipment in the classroom or real world experience gained by going into the field with your instructor to work on actual client problems.

For individuals pursuing technical certifications, this provides students with their own network environments, enabling the instructor to manage hands-on lab exercises that mirror the professional environment. After each technical course, a post-assessment is completed to help gauge return on investment and productivity enhancements. Students have the opportunity to move on to the next course — even on the same day.


Benefits for the Student:

    • Flexible, focused and fast training— students choose what they want, when they want — allowing them to use what they learn quicker
    • One-to-one instruction using authorized vendor curriculum
    • Custom technical training development plans
    • Broad range of courses, exam exercises and tests  

Benefits for the Organization:           

    • Post-assessments help monitor progress and gauge return on investment
    • Purchase training by the session or in bundles
    • Teaches students real-world skills, not just how to prepare for exams  
Certified Testing Center
For the convenience of our students, Alliance Career Training offers the ability to test with PearsonVUE right here in Monterey County.  Click the hyperlink to learn more about, or register for, Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft and other certification exams.



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